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MicroPort Orthopedics Gains Long-Term ODEP Rating for Advance Medial-Pivot Knee

MicroPort Orthopedics received a “15A” rating for its Advance® Medial-Pivot knee system from the Orthopaedic Data Evaluation Panel (ODEP). Fifteen years is the longest benchmark that ODEP assigns ratings for knee implants, providing further evidence of the long clinical heritage of the Advance® Medial-Pivot knee system.

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Tomorrow begins today. So many innovations that were dreams in the past, are now a reality that impacts the way we live our lives. Advancing technologies are profoundly changing medicine, right before our eyes.

Although we come from different places and diverse cultures, and we possess different talents, we share the collective ideal that human life is equally precious and should be safeguarded. We look to what is next. Unbounded. Limitless. And free to follow our aspiration to overcome challenges together.

From this collective vantage point, we witness an extraordinary opportunity – to deliver meaningful medical breakthroughs that prolong and reshape the lives of patients everywhere.

Our history

At MicroPort Orthopedics, we are never standing still. We know that knee and hip implants are constantly being improved just as medical procedures themselves evolve with each passing day…

  • Acquisition by MicroPort
  • SuperPath®
  • NASDAQ anniversary
  • New headquarters



We are happy to host a webinar featuring expert speaker Lisandro Carbó. Join us and come together to discuss the Medial-Pivot concept and Surgical Technique. The webinar will be interactive and offer space for questions and dialogue. #FullFunctionFaster #MedialPivot #OnlineEducation


MicroPort has been committed to donate personal protective equipment to hospitals around the globe. Our company goal has always been to ensure the patient comes first, and our mission is no different in times of covid-19. A big thank you for all global MicroPort employees having been involved in the logistical process for this project. Your dedication is appreciated and helping to save lives. #distantbutunited